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Signs That I'm Culturally Elite

When Sarah Palin talks about Joe Six Pack, I think she’s talking about a guy who works out in a gym and has really great abs.

When Sarah Palin talks about Hockey Moms, I think she’s talking about Moms who get together to play hockey. Kind of like a book club on skates.

I didn’t like being called ‘my friends’ by Senator McCain during the last debate. Senator, you don’t know me, and even though we probably could be cheek-kissing acquaintances, we are not friends. Please Senator, I’m ‘your fellow American’. And yes, such a term might seem formal and even European, but then again, I am culturally elite.

I attend plays, concerts, and movies with subtitles. The last good movie I saw in a theatre was VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA which had subtitles and was directed by Woody Allen (double cultural elite points!).

VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA is about two American women (Vicky and Christina) who spend the summer in Barcelona and meet Spanish artists. The American ladies have some great American qualities like an adventurousness and a willingness to try and blunder. I enjoyed VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA and highly recommend it to my culturally elite blog-reading friends (whom I would never address as ‘my friends’).

Another sign that I’m culturally elite: I read books because I want to.

I actually like arugula too---although I don’t buy it at Whole Paycheck.

Finally, I believe that there’s more to sex education than abstinence. Sex is fun!

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