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Irish Salmon

I am currently in Ireland with the Significant Other visiting his family for Christmas and New Years. As I type this, the sun is shining, but the temperature is freezing. This is an improvement from the recent weather with mild temperatures and depressingly grey and low clouds. But enough of all that, onto the story. . .

When I was in the supermarket right before Christmas, the sample lady was giving out samples of Irish Salmon on brown bread. On her sample table was a plastic package of the stuff which was clearly marked as Pacific Salmon.

So where's the salmon from? I asked.

Ireland. She answered.

But it says Pacific Salmon on the package. Is Ireland in the Pacific? I asked worried that the world had shifted and no one had told me. The sample lady looked up and down the package.

I've been telling everyone Ireland. I wonder where it's from. Oh it's Alaska. She said reading the ultra small print.

Would you guys like Alaska? Ireland could annex it if you guys want. I said thinking that if Ireland took Alaska, there would be no way that Sarah Palin could ever be president.

No, we have enough cold and gloom. We'd like California. She said.

Oh wouldn't we all. I said.

Where are you from? She asked.

California. I said and took a second sample of salmon and brown bread.

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