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Picking Duchamp's Nose

One of my brothers is a serious art junkie. He went to art school, dabbled in a lot of different mediums, and can do some cool photography. He currently makes his money doing graphic design.

When he was out here for thanksgiving, we trekked over to Pasadena to the Norton Simon Museum to look at art. They had a Vermeer on display that I wanted to see---The Lady Writing, subtle but so fascinating.

After traipsing around the 17th century, we sprinted into the 19th and 20th centuries. My brother and I both like the modern guys, and the Norton Simon has some fun Degas, an awesome Van Gogh, some Picasso and some decent modern guys.

There was also an exhibit of Marcel Duchamp---Irreverent French guy with a wicked sense of humor. He’s the guy who put a urinal in a gallery. My brother and I both agreed that if you can’t laugh at art, what can you laugh at? And art viewer, just because you can’t touch the paintings, doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at them. Behaving all serious does not make you smarter.

So in the Duchamp exhibit, they had a huge mural of Duchamp’s profile in silhouette. And well, I had to do it. I had to make performance art, and sure enough, the bro was right there with me with the camera.

Right after he got the shot, the docent scampered over to us but I reassured her that I hadn’t touched the art. I hadn’t even used my middle finger. My brother said that Duchamp probably would appreciate it.

Picking Duchamp's Nose

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