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Three Dolphins

On Sunday afternoon, Viggo, my SiggnO, and I kayaked out beyond the breakwater of Oceanside Harbor.

As we paddled toward open water, we watched the big antique sailing ships filled with tourists sail up and down over eight foot rolling waves, then followed them out.

I was going fine until I saw a lot of water coming at me. Viggo shouted at me to turn the boat into it, and I turned quick enough to ride over the wave and down the other side.

I don’t like this! I shouted back to Viggo. I believe in honesty on the water. However, soon, two more waves brought me up and down again. Having gone over the waves without even a splash, I was soon feeling all right.

We started paddling casually through the open water. Looking toward shore, I could see the surf break high off the beach with lots of surfers riding the white water. The sun was out. It was a nice day to be on the water.

Suddenly, off to my left, I saw a fin surface and then dive.

Did you see that? I shouted to Viggo.

I saw. He said.

I saw the fin again. Only this time, it was two fins and some shadows. The fins were still off to the left, but they were closer to us. They surfaced and dove in sync.

We watched the fins surface again and again. Each time, they got closer to us. I followed their line, and sure enough, three dolphins (two adults and one calf) surfaced and dove thirty feet in front of us. They swam as a unit. The adult dolphins looked strong and perfect in the water. They moved efficiently in and out of the water. Then, they swam on.

We watched as they swam toward the harbor then turned and went out to the west. Then I lost them in the waves. Then two jet skis blasted by spurting fumes and noise.

I had seen dolphins before at Sea World, but out in the wild, there was something special about them. They brought a feeling of calmness to me. They were where they belonged. They probably knew our awkward kayak selves were there, but they just kept swimming anyway.

Viggo and I paddled back in with smiles on our faces. We had seen three dolphins. It made our day.

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