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Random Ireland

Yes, it's time for pictures from Ireland. I'm not a good vacation picture taker. I sometimes forget to bring my camera with me, so I have lots of pictures from one place, and very few from another place. I also like to take pictures of stuff that fascinates me like Irish fashion in a department store window in Dublin:

Irish Fashion

Or the statue outside of the Ladies Room at the Bewleys Cafe:

Our Lady of the Ladies Room

Or a sign on a trash can:

Litter is Disgusting

Then out to the West Midlands with photos of landscape and stone crosses:

Loch ReeCross

That's Loch Ree in the background. Yes, it was really cloudy and grey. That was in the middle of the day.

And this grey wallpaper is actually my significant other's mother's wall paper. I thought it was really cool in a swirly sort of way.

Wall paper

And then here's some shots near Loch Ree. The sign under the bird feeder says WILD LIFE AREA. I appreciated the sign pointing that out to me.

Wild Life AreaThe canal

Here's are two pubs in Athlone town:

Nuts CornerDurty Harrys

I liked their names. And here are beverages that kept us sane. I drank the Bulmers, and my significant other drank coffee:


And these are from the Guinness Storehouse:

Let the Ghosts Rise UpPint

And from outside the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. This is my favorite picture. I just love how it looks. It makes me happy:


And I end with James Joyce. I had no choice:


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