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American River South Fork
Recently, the Honey Bunny (aka HB) and I had to go up to Coloma, CA for my cousin's wedding. Coloma is actually a very important place to the history of California. Gold was first discovered there at Sutter's Mill in 1848 to set off the California Gold Rush. The South Fork of the American River runs through Coloma, and the wedding (which was awesome) was held at a campsite next to the river.

The day after the wedding, HB and I decided to take a day long white water rafting trip down the American River to Folsom Lake. We booked the trip through White Water Connection and also got a good deal on a couple of nights at their camp site. Even though I was hungover from the wedding, Honey Bunny revived me with scrambled eggs and coffee. Then, once we got on the water, I was fine.

In our boat was Zonker, an experienced rafting river guide, and three rafting guide trainees (aka Zonker's Angels). Honey Bunny and I were in the front of the boat. Here's a picture of all of us looking cool and kicking ass:

Hospital Bar one 

We weren't just kicking ass on some class three rapids. We looked good doing it, and that mattered to the urban girl in me. Besides, it was fun. I hadn't been on rivers in a long time, and I had forgotten how fun it was getting splashed by that cold river water. Wow! Like a baptism, I say. It was all good. And I didn't lose my hat.

Hospital Bar two 

I should mention that I'm the one in the blue hat and white sleeves. Honey Bunny is in the straw hat with blue sleeves.

Then, we came to the last big rapid of the day. Hospital Bar, I think it was called. It was also a photo op spot. And well, that's when our giant inflatable floating tank met a giant wall of water. And I'm gonna leave the rest to the magic of pictures. . . .

Hospital Bar three

Hospital Bar four>

Hospital Bar five

Hospital Bar six

Hospital Bar seven

Hospital Bar eight

Hospital Bar nine

Hospital Bar ten


Hospital Bar eleven


Hospital Bar twelve

Hospital Bar thirteen

Hospital Bar forteen

This is actually the proper way to get someone back into a raft. She's grabbing the top of his life jacket.

Hospital Bar fifteen

So yes, the Honey Bunny was saved. And he didn't lose his hat either.

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