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Rock of Love: The Musical

At Sunshine Jen Theatricals, we believe in scraping the muck of mass culture to bring musical theatre to a whole new level.

Inspired by an incident at the Tony awards when a piece of set landed on Brett Michaels’ nose, our crackpot team of writers has set out to adapt the three seasons of his lauded reality dating show, Rock of Love, into an evening of musical theatre hotness never before seen on the Broadway stage.

In Rock of Love: The Musical, ten lovely and slutty girl/women compete for the love of an aging but handsome rock star while his faithful, reliable, and quite large bodyguard tries to keep the whole situation under control. Who really loves the rockstar? As the girl/women compete in a variety of challenges (the act break happens right after the mud wrestling scene---there will be real mud on the stage) and one by one are eliminated, the stakes get higher as the emotions get deeper (and the love songs get longer) with only one girl/woman in the end claiming the rock star as her man.

Think of it as A Chorus Line meets Sweet Charity only with implants.

Sunshine Jen Theatricals has other musicals in the works as well.

We’re very excited by our revue called Transformers: The Musicals. They’re cars! They’re robots! They sing!

One of our in-house composers is working on an oratorio for children based on Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

We’re working on getting the rights to the British reality competition, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? We really believe we will break new theatrical ground with a musical about a reality competition show about a musical theatre composer trying to find an actress to star in a musical written by a different musical theatre composer. Our heads spin at the possibilities.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that we will be having our first public reading of our Wolverine Musical (tentative title) next week. Here is a sample of the lyrics from the big chorus number:


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