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My Summer Reading

I apologize for being somewhat absent during the month of June. I’ve been busy with my summer reading. Here are some books I’ve been reading.

Clevelandia by James Godomski

Epic novel about three generations of a family in Cleveland. With great precision and humor, the author explores the hopes, dreams, and the commonality of the generations who never leave the city on the lake. I found myself caught up in the family’s drama while feeling nostalgic for the taste of stadium mustard.

The Way of the Centipede by C.D. Glass

Short novel (bordering on novella) set in the eighties about a group of friends who get together and play Atari. I loved the eightiesness of the book and felt the call of Ms. Pac Man.

People, Places, and Things by Mindy Windy

Debut collection of short stories that were so annoyingly literary that I forget them soon after I read them. Lots of decaying farms and nature stuff.

Boom! by Mace Wellington

An exploration not only of explosions but booms of all kind and their effect on the collective human consciousness. Are we just a bunch of greedy bastards? Why do we need to make order out of chaos. With short sentences and humor, Wellington merges fact and fiction to make a fun little trade paperback about absolutely nothing.

Finally, I need to shout out to Steve Hely whose Believer piece I swiped the idea from.

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