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How Well Do You Know Sunshine Jen?

Some of my friends on facebook have created quizzes about themselves. I don’t know anyone really well enough to take a multiple choice quiz about them, so I don't submit myself to that kind of pressure. What would happen if I got all the answers wrong?

Still, I thought it would be fun to make a quiz about me. So here it is. . .

1. Sunshine Jen’s significant other is named:
a. Honey Bunny
b. James Joyce
c. Siggo
d. Myles

2. Sunshine Jen has walked a dog named:
a. Happy
b. Rusty Dusty
c. Earl the Pearl
d. Q

3. Sunshine Jen’s favorite color is:
a. Depressing steel grey blue
b. Pulsating magenta
c. Shimmery silver
d. All the happy colors of the rainbow

4. Sunshine Jen can recite all the dialogue from which movie:
a. Star Wars (pre-special edition)
b. The Producers (Zero Mostel version)
c. Stripes
d. The Muppet Movie

5. Sunshine Jen was born in:
a. A crossfire hurricane
b. A small town
c. The USA
d. East LA

6. Sunshine Jen is a natural. . .
a. Blonde
b. Brunette
c. Goth girl
d. Lyric soprano
e. Home run hitter

7. Sunshine Jen can speak. . .
a. Five languages
b. Trippingly on the tongue
c. And the whole world listens
d. But chooses not to.

8. Sunshine Jen has a fear of:
a. Heights
b. Failure
c. Snakes
d. Smurfs

9. Sunshine Jen is how tall?
a. 5’
b. 5’3”
c. 5’5”
d. 6’4”

10. Which of the following has Sunshine Jen done?
a. Climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge
b. Driven in LA during Rush Hour
c. Improv Comedy
d. Flown a Plane

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