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Helpful Beth

Last week, I was at a Hollywood Networking Event on the West Side. I had gotten an invite about five times from various email lists, so I had to go. Besides, it was at a new hip bar/club/whatever.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a table with flyers, sticker name tags, and sharpie markers. Uh-oh, you should never let me near the sharpie markers.

A girl/woman in her mid-twenties in a flowery artsy dress came up to me.

Hi, I’m Beth. She said with all the enthusiasm of someone determined to be a success at a Networking Event. She was an office girl with big big dreams.

Hi, I’m Jen. I said with my best grounded but positive manner.

Are you filling out name tags? Beth asked.

I am. What would you like on your nametag? I asked.

Just Beth
. Beth said.

Remember, you can put anything you want on your name tag. Anything you want. I said giving Beth a chance to be anything she wanted to be. She could’ve said Angelina Jolie or Killer Robot and I would have written it for her.

No, just Beth. I want to help people remember my name. Beth said.

I wrote Helpful Beth on her name tag, and she took it from me.

So what adjective are you going to put on yours? Creative?
Beth asked.

You’ll see. I said.

I wrote Even Better Than The Real Thing on my name tag and stuck it on my hip. Beth didn’t get it and disappeared off into the crowd. I guess she hadn’t listened to a lot of U2.

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