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Torchwood Season Four

Last week, I spent every night (Monday through Friday) at home watching Torchwood: Children of Earth (aka Torchwood Season 3 in the form of a five night mini-series).

Even though I had seen clips on youtube, I really wanted to make the commitment to a five night television watching experience. Unfortunately, on BBC America, the episodes were interrupted every ten minutes by ads for Wal Mart very loudly telling me to buy cheap back-to-school stuff. Still, I felt I got my sci fi pain and angst.

Torchwood: Children of Earth is set during five days when space aliens invade Great Britain and demand ten percent of all the children of earth. Apparently, the kiddies are their drug of choice. Back in 1965, they were given twelve children in exchange for not wiping out humanity. However, in the new millennium, these extra-terrestrial addicts come back wanting more. What is a planet to do? What is a government to do? Spin and cover. What is an elite team of extra-terrestrial experts to do? Not much since the government wants them out of the way.

What I’ve always liked about Torchwood is that it’s not about the wacky space aliens. It’s about how the characters react to the wacky space aliens and what they do about it. In addition to the strange and scary and weird, we get the human. And that’s my very brainy way of saying that I just love this stuff.

I also like that Season Three came down to a copy and paste function on a sound program. Control-C, Captain Jack, just press control-C.

I also like that in the end it’s the women who are left standing to clean up the mess. Sure Captain Jack does his thing, but it seems like the women take on the role of deus ex machina to restore order to the world.

Finally, I just want it known that myself and my fictional writing staff are willing to relocate to less-than-sunny Wales to write Season Four of Torchwood. The fictional writing stuff is very easy to deal with, and since they are fictional, they don’t eat much and won’t be held up at immigration.

As for me, I’m hoping that this little signal will get to the powers that be in Wales because I definitely want to come and write Torchwood Season Four. I can write wacky space aliens, women who kick ass, pain, and angst. I just need a SAD light.

Feel free to contact Sunshine Jen care of the happyrobot.

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