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Red Dinosaur on Wheels

Last weekend I had to attend a birthday party for a one-year old, and naturally I had to bring a gift. After successfully getting some clothes for the little guy, I felt I should get a toy. I didn’t want to gain the reputation of that lady who always brings clothes.

However, I am lost in the land of baby. I knew I should not bring the baby a bottle of wine or even a chess set. Those were a little too mature. I just didn’t know what to get.

I googled cool baby shops los angeles and found a cool baby shop just down the freeway from me. I’m gonna call it Baby Cloud because I have never been in such a white and fluffy place.

As the older sister to two boys, I do not associate babies with white and fluffy. I associate babies with loud and slimy. Since I was shopping for a boy, I knew I could go bright, colorful, and borderline destructive.

As I wandered around the Baby Cloud chuck full of white baby clothes (white? White? Don’t babies drool anymore?), I noticed they had a nice selection of toys including a big plastic dumptruck in a box that talked about how organic, green, and safe it was.

I also noticed a plush garbage truck with clanking wheels and flashing lights, but when I saw that you needed a screwdriver to open the battery case, I put it back. There was an alligator made of wood on wheels. I thought that was cute.

I was overwhelmed. I needed help. I needed a kid to bounce ideas off, but there were no kids on the white fluffy cloud store.

Fortunately, I turned to helpful sales girl in a long cotton summer dress who floated over the shiny wood floors like a fertility goddess.

What would you recommend? I asked in desperate need of an opinion.

She pointed to a bunch of stuff I had looked at and told me what other childless women had selected for one-year old birthday parties. I decided not to go with those recommendations because I wouldn’t want to show up with the same gift as someone else.

We also have some plush animals on wheels. She mentioned casually. I hadn’t seen any plush animals on wheels, so she led me over to a barrel of plush animals sitting on little wooden wheels.

See, he can pull it across the floor. She said as she pulled out a red dinosaur with big white teeth and blue spots on his back.

That’s it!
I exclaimed as she passed me the T-rex on wheels.

I had done it. I had found birthday gift. The sales girl in the long cotton dress swiped my plastic and wrapped the little red guy in plastic.

When are you due? I asked noticing a slight bump under her dress. Besides, she worked in a baby store.

Oh I’m not pregnant. I just haven’t worked out in awhile. She said really really nicely.


Oh, sorry, it’s just the way your dress hangs with that darn empire waist. I said trying to get out of one faux pas and falling into fashion faux pas. Besides, she worked in a baby store.

She passed me the dinosaur wrapped in plastic.

Thanks for all your help. I said and sprinted out of there.

The next day, I went to the one-year old birthday party. It was the most fun I had had at a party in a long time. Cupcakes were even served. Cupcakes! Awesome!

All of the other adults there were attached to a kid, and I wondered if there was some way I could rent-a-kid for the two-year old birthday party. I have a year to plan.

As for the red dinosaur on wheels, I recently learned that the one-year old was playing with it a lot and even put it in his mouth a few times. Now, that’s the highest praise a one year old could give.

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