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Zuma Canyon

It’s been cold, rainy, grey, and miserable in Los Angeles this week. Yes, I understand Los Angeles cold is not cold compared to the rest of the world, but I had to wear clothes that I usually wear when I travel to the cold places; as a result, I wasn’t quite sure where I was at times. One morning, I woke up and thought I was in Cleveland.

I first noticed the cold when I was hiking in Zuma Canyon last Sunday. As I came out of the canyon, I got slammed by some severe ocean breeze. Fortunately, I had packed a nylon windbreaker jacket, so I was warm for my trek back to the parking lot.

Lower Zuma Canyon is my favorite hike in Los Angeles. Not only is it beautiful, it can also be a bit of a mental and physical challenge. Still, there’s nothing like getting out into the back country of Malibu. I can feel calm in the quiet even though I know there are ten million people just beyond the mountains.

I usually don’t bring a camera with me when I hike. Usually, I’m halfway there when I realize oh shoot, I shoulda brought the camera. However, last weekend, I actually did remember to bring my camera hiking with me and did remember to pull it out and take pictures.

Zuma Canyon 7

Zuma Canyon 2

Zuma Canyon 3

Zuma Canyon

Zuma Canyon Creek 1

Pacific Sunset 1

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