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The Pinnacles
For Christmas this year, I loaded up the covered red wagon and headed north to see my family. After eating too many root vegetables and cookies, I drove to the Pinnacles the day after Christmas because I had never been there.

To learn more about The Pinnacles, you can click here.

I didn't see a California condor, but I did see a lot of groovy rocks.

Pinnacles Sign





After about two hours, some nasty storm clouds came in, and a few drops of rain started to fall. I hiked back to the parking lot and got into my red covered wagon just as some serious rain drops fell from the sky. Totally dry, I sat in the driver's seat, sipped some green tea, and watched the other hikers scurry off the trails, get into their cars, and drive back toward the 101. For once, I had good rain timing.

Pinnacles Storm Clouds

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