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To gather or collect swiftly and unceremoniously; grab

Love is a secret.

A person is whispering into your ear in a dark place which is at once safe and calming. This scenario requires you keep your clothes on. It just works better that way. Safe and calm and dark. It is difficult to describe how comforting this is. It is of the utmost importance that we have a person there to whisper in our ear. It just wouldn't be the same without them there. It is best that they be engendered to what is physically pleasing to the body of the ear.

I am feeling very Caucasian tonight. I am on a plane and I look good. I am dressed well. Allow me to tell you what I am wearing. From the bottom: Alligator or snake skin-like shoes, black, no-tie version. Grey wool pants, flat front. An almost fluorescent blue, collared, button down style shirt. A black double-breasted jacket, now with a secret hole somewhere in it that is perfect for consuming pens. Another hole created at just the right place frees the pen from captivity. Two of the items of clothing that I am wearing are stretchy, and I am positive some version of this word was used in their advertising.

Like I said, I am looking good. Better than I normally do. Soon we will land in Queens, New York and I will get in a yellow car and me and the driver will drive over a bridge and come to a place. I will eat and drink and talk. I will sleep on a couch and dream of a whispering enchantress who, by the look of it, just wants my money. And this is fine with me, so long as the whispering never stops.

I want to hear only secrets. No facts, no figures, no diagrams, schedules or Greek symbols. Nothing that can be proven not to be untrue. Nothing that begins with the phrase, "in theory" or "approximately". No therefores, heretofores or judgments of analysis. For now, I do not want to know the value on the other side of equals. There will be ample time for x, y and Archimedic prosperity later on.

Loss of control is arriving. I am relinquishing control now to the whisperer. My decisions will be pure and instantaneous. And above all, flying in the face of grounded logic.
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