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Ok I realize my posts lately have been about nothing but odors and feminine products. What can I say I am a product whore (Lisa Says inspired me a few weeks ago and I am getting together my list of products and reviews) my list is quite long so it may take a while. I do agree with her that Aveda's Shampure ROCKS and I shower every day with dove all-day moisturizing body wash because it keeps me so soft and smooth.

So why the P-U you ask. Well this past week I have noticed that my deodorant is failing me. Has anyone else had this problem? I have had this problem maybe two times before - after a long period of time using the same deodorant, my body seems to become immune to it and it stops working for me. The brand I am using right now is Secret Platinum Powder Fresh and well I need a change. What are you using and is it getting the job done? I went to the Reade today and picked up Lady Speed Stick Gel Powder Fresh, Lady Mitchum Clear Gel Powder Fresh, and Soft 'N Dri Power Caps Clear Gel Citrus Squeeze. What can I say I like the powder fresh smell?

When I get my product list together, I will let you know how these fair. I just hope for the worlds sake they work and they work fast!

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