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Prime Ad Space available on my sixhead

My friends kindly informed me the other day that I do not have a forehead but rather a fivehead. Of course, with a puzzled look on my face I ask what the hell is a fivehead? They proceed to say, "See if you take 4 fingers and put them across your forehead they would cover it. In your case you fourhead is rather large it's most definitely a fivehead (5 fingers)." I was shocked to hear this - I mean I know I have a large forehead. In fact, I have never been without bangs of some sort to try and mask it. I had to test this out so later when I got home I looked in the mirror and put my fingers up to my forehead would you believe my forehead is so big it's a sixhead!!! That's right folks 6 fingers!

After carefully measuring my head, I have decided to earn some extra cash and offer my sixhead space for advertising. I haven't figured out the rates just yet for this prime space but I can give you the details. The space in question measures in at 7 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" high and will be viewed by over 500 people each day (+/- 143). Rentals will be available from Monday Friday (not including holiday's and my birthday) and each ad must receive approval from me prior to posting. (I reserve the right to refuse any advertisement I deem offensive or do not endorse whole heartily.) Please know that all advertising appearing in this space will be displayed in its entirety (I will keep all hair away from advertisements when posted). This ad will be seen on the subways, on buses, in movie theaters, bars, restaurants, at comedy shows, in shops, outside firehouses, and wherever cute boys are found hanging out.

Please feel free to contact me via the comments box if you would like to rent this prime sixhead space. Remember the rates are still being confirmed at this time and the space will need some time for some repairs and zoning papers prior to postings. I hope to have this all in order within a few days. I will contact you when the space is ready.

Oh yeah and how many of you put your fingers up to your forehead while reading this I'm just curious if I'm the only sixhead freak.

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