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I need help from a higher power than Tim on this one

* This was me on Sunday 4/3/2005 ..... *

OK I am about to FUCKING LOSE IT! I somehow got this fucking SPAM shit on my computer and I can not get rid of it. I now get pop ups every minute from the same 3 FUCKING websites.




I not only have Internet Security and Norton Antivirus but I am now the proud owner of Spy Sweeper AND Window Washer oh and I also installed a version of Microsoft's AntiSpyware but has any of this security bullshit helped me NO! AS I am scanning my machine and freeing it for this horrible SPAM the damn thing just regenerates itself and continues ... it's like friggin Mike Myers or Freddy Kruger the fuckers won't die. .... HELP PLEASE SOMEONE yes even Tim if he can actually get this crap off my machine and not tell me it's because I am not nice to my parents and that is why I now have SPAM ......

* that night I went to sleep thinking about ways to get rid of this crap *

On Monday I thought about it some more and decided to disconnect my internet since this SPAM was just running on my Internet Explorer. I then cleaned my machine like 3 times with the Spy Sweeper and Window Washer (with Bleach!) and would you know it I think I got the fuckers (knock on wood).

I was not home Tuesday & Wednesday as I was out getting drunk in Memphis (story this weekend) so I wasn't sure if I got everything. I have been on my machine now for over two hours and no pop ups so I think I am gonna be OK. I am suspecting that I got these little buggers from installing Trillian on my machine so I have since gotten rid of that and anything else I might have downloaded in the past week. The doctors tell me I am no longer contagious so it's OK to leave me a comment. I just want to know if anyone else has been infected with this crap.

Oh and am I the only one that thinks of SPAM every time I hear/write/read the word SPAM!

MMMMMMMM Hot & Spicy

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