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dull and boring

as apposed to jaded and bitter ....

That is how I am feeling these past few days. I think I need to vent. Maybe just write something as I have been neglecting the cootie and that can never be good. I have had about 10 different posts I wanted to write but either forgot the brilliance I had just yesterday or that Alzheimer is starting to kick in. I know I wanted both Tisha and Tricia to write their accounts of Vegas but then again I am happy they are slacking because I know they will only rag on me. I still need to write the post about my day in Memphis and maybe some other cool things that might be going on ... instead I have a few unfinished thoughts, partial rants and overall complaints from the past few weeks that I need to get out .....

1) Why does work suck just when you are starting to have fun?

2) Why is everyone I know having babies better yet why do they think I care? I mean they are darling and all but I just don't want them near me or talked about to me ... is that so wrong?

3) Spam blocking is going well but I still want a new computer ... or some new makeup ... or some new cloths ... ok I want it all

4) My lower back has been bothering me and I am considering going for one of them fancy hot stone messages .... Can women ask for happy endings or is that just a guy thing?

5) I probably should join a gym already ... my ass is getting WAY FAT actually I really don't want to end up like Kirstie Alley wearing those flowing big dresses ok yeah definitely looking into gym tomorrow!

6) I need more sleep, a haircut and a new home and only one of these I will get before the end of the summer

7) did I tell you I almost killed a roulette dealer in Vegas ... damn you #13 DAMN YOU!

8) Stu how do you defrag your iPod? Ever since you mentioned it a while back I have been curious. My iPod is acting a bit wacky I think it might need some defragging or just some new tunes right now I am stuck in my Everything But The Girl catalog.

9) My friend Sean ROCKS the house he got me a ticket to see New Order (I didn't act fast enough when they went on sale and thought I would have to miss them yet again) Thanks Sean.

10) better stop at ten so I can get to bed before midnight I'm such the old lady you see dull and boring.

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