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Did I ever tell you about my co-worker the thief?
This is a true story.

I preface that because it just sounds so off the wall to be true. In the spring of 2001 I quit my job during my review. Something now that I think back upon was probably not the best thing to do. Anyway I was still friends with a bunch of people there and well you know how work gossip spreads like wild fires. I got a call from my friend “Mike” who tells me that “Jane” got fired for stealing. She was caught red handed in the purse of another employee and when questioned confessed to numerous other thefts in the office (including people lunch left in the kitchen). Now while I was there the only thing I remember getting stolen from me was my “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” soundtrack cd (sad, yes I know). Of course I am home online with this new info and dieing to tell someone when I see “Janet” online – she was another employee who I thought quit. I start to chat with “Janet” and tell her the new gossip I heard. I even said, “That bitch probably stole my “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” cd.” Well “Janet” didn’t respond right away and then hurried herself off the chat. The next day I was talking with another friend and heard that it was “Janet” who was the thief not “Jane” as originally reported. Damn “Mike” getting his info wrong. I never heard from “Janet” ever after that. I can imagine she was most embarrassed for stealing my cd.

Sorry for the excessive amount of quotation marks in this post. I didn’t want to use real names since I am sure I will run into “Janet” again someday. The moral of this story is get your gossip straight before you start spreading it – unless of course you gossip right to the source then it becomes a classic moment.

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