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The only things worth doing on a boat

I wish I had photos from this event. It was the day before our graduation the day after we went to great adventure for a last senior trip. The boat left from City Island went down to the Statue of Liberty and back up. All I remember we drank everything that was brought onto the boat and I didn’t get sick or fall overboard SHOCKER! That whole week around graduation was just a drunkin mess.

Fall foliage cruises on the Hudson 2000

I took this trip with my friend Tricia and her brother Mark. It went up to Tarrytown where the boat left us off we got on a bus that took us to Washington Irving’s house and this old farm house where people dressed in period clothing and explained the history of the property. To this day I am still a little freaked out by people in period clothing. I just don’t understand that whole dress up or reenactment group of people. Is it necessary? I have two pictures from this trip one of the side by side out houses and one of Tricia and I standing buy a fence with cows behind us. The second one looks very “Sears Portrait” like. It was a beautiful fall day and we drank on the boat on the way home.

Any other boat trips I took were pretty lame – especially last years trip around lower Manhattan. I thought I would like to see the fake waterfalls they had up but they turned out to be eyesores. And for some reason I feared I was going to fall off the boat so I held on for dear life.

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