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(pronounce it anyway you want)

1. the state of being jetlagged.

Jetlaggggedness overtook Jen after she flew across the Pacific for twenty hours in plane that hit every patch turbulence it could find and had a loud stewardess who woke Jen from a deep sleep with customs forms.

2. the feeling or sensation of being out time.

Due to her jetlaggggedness, Jen ran three miles in the middle of the night just because she could.

3. the state of needing sleep all the time

Feeling her jetlaggggedness, Jen slept for three days, then slept twelve hours a night for the next four days.

4. Existence as a blur in which the strangest details come into focus.

Because of her jetlaggggedness, Jen has no memory of Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday last week and did not buy her Supersuckers tickets (to the sold out Mission Beach show) in advance (fuckfuckfuckDAMN!). However, Jen did notice that three men in the coffee shop were all wearing baseball caps.

5. The result of too much slacking off.

I am not a slacker. Oh wait, I last posted a Sunshine when exactly??

6. A word Sunshine Jen made up while drinking a latte.

What can I say? I like the 4 Gs.

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