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Have a Great Time at Camp

Dear Young Camper,

Have a great time at camp. If you find yourself wandering in the woods, here are a few things you should know. . .

If you meet a snail, do not squash it.

If you meet a mosquito, you can swat it.

If you meet a bee, follow it to the honey.

If you meet a salamander, roll the log back over it so it will feel at home.

If you meet a toad, you won't get warts.

If you meet a snake, say ‘hello snake' and walk the other way because it's wayyy more afraid of you.

If you meet a sparrow, listen to it chirp.

If you meet a crow, listen to it caw but don't give it any food.

If you meet an owl, listen to it ‘hooo' for it is truly wise.

If you meet a hawk, stand and watch it silently soar.

If you meet a mouse, don't tell the hawk about it.

If you meet a squirrel, stand and watch it scamper.

If you meet a raccoon, compare thumbs and keep it away from the food hamper.

If you meet a skunk, hold your nose, shout ‘EUUUUU' and walk away.

If you meet a bear, well, it was nice knowing you, kid

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