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Spitting Venom

This here is a love poem from back in 2000

Baby you can keep your nymphet ballerina
And your ex-girlfriend named Medea.
Just buy me a pint with your amex
And call me anytime you need a bodyguard
Cause IIIIIIII will always love you.

Love, what a destructive word.

When the city burns down
And the prostitutes take the streets,
Let's stand in the ashes of a thousand mink coats
And dance dance dance
Yeah yeah we'll dance
While you make up your mind
And try to find the loving light
In the middle of the night
So let's put our hands together
And get the clap
Clap clap clap clap
For the boy in the North Face Coat
Facing southeast
And looking back at me.
clap clap clap clap

Once upon a time,
There was an old man
Who taught me to be cruel
And to play the fool.
In other words to be a clown
Cause clowns have all the power
Any hour, any day.
No situation is ever serious.
It is merely delirious.

And Baby, knowing that seeing a movie
Isn't serious but simply groovy,
I stand and watch you face your agonies
Which provide more drama than the fil-um with a naked whore
That's pretentiously independent.
You're like a movie star in a Steven Spielberg vehicle
Speaking snappy, trying to make everyone happy.
Happy Happy Everyone must be happy.
Everyone must be happy but yourself.
Except for me.
I'm absolutely miserable
Standing here looking pretty.

You ain't no god damn rolling stone.
How does that feel?
And I am pretty much insane.
Pretty much and such.
How does that feel?

The embrace
With the boy in the North Face Coat
While significant others look on.
And who are these others?
Are they all your mothers?
Are they all your brothers?
The sisters? The misters?
The mistress? Ah-hah!

And thus!
The long term relationship type of guy
Meets the one night stand type of girl
Who wants more! More! More!
Always more. Nothing's enough.
An excessive desire for desire
Inevitably leads to pain
Which can transform itself
Whatever thought wishes it to be.
And I am not a cowardly hermit crab stuck to a rock
In a tide pool of humanity.
Okay, I am.
But I transform myself
Into a dolphin.
Not those god damn cute flippers at sea world.
No, a dolphin
Flying through the waves
And running with the bows of ships.

And oh I feel so better now
Like a prune
Like a wad of chewing gum stuck to the sole of a shoe
Like static on the radio
Like a glass that was filled with milk and now only has the milky residue left inside.
Like a
Like a
Like a
Like a dog owner scooping shit off the sidewalk
Like a tissue belonging to someone with bad allergies
Like a paperback romance that falls into the bathtub and expands to twice its size
Like a movie that goes straight to video
Like a nickel stuck to the floor of a taxi cab
Like a Snapple bottle rolling through vomit on the floor of a subway car
Like snow falling in April
Like a figure skater winning the bronze

Baby, I am NOT Mike Tyson
I will not knock you out in the first round
With a punch so hard you'll feel it when you hit the ground
I'm not a one-round knock-out kind of gal.
No No No No
I'm Cassius Clay before he became Ali
Dancin' round looking pretty
Like a ballerina with my hands low
Jab Jab Jab Jab Jab Jab
On my toes
Round after round pounding quickie jabs
With the fury of Medea
Until after six---just six
You throw your mouthpiece in the ring
Like a tired old man named Sonny
And you walk away among the screaming herds
While I hold up my fists and shout to unbelievers:
Eat your words!
Eat your words!
Eat your words!

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