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Three happyrobot Superheroines

On Tuesday, three happyrobot Superheroines met up for spirits and beer. The super three landed in Venice and introduced themselves with the following secret Superheroine greeting: ‘Are you?' ‘I am' ‘Cool' ‘Grab a seat.'

The three Superheroines proceeded to admire each other's cool costumes, double check relevant star signs, and check out each other's flying ability. Yes, the rumors are true. The three happyrobot Superheroines (West Coast Branch) can all fly. How could they not since they live in such sunshiney California lightness.

In addition to flying, the three Superheroines have other super powers unique to their own individual natures. After all, a good superheroine trio is not made up of three who dress, act, walk, and talk exactly the same. A good superheroine trio has three who blend and work together to save mankind (and kind men) from whatever disaster gets cooked up this week. These unique super powers will be revealed over time and when the need arises for them.

After the spirited meeting, one Superheroine told us that the other two were ‘really nice' and that she ‘hoped to hang out with them again'.

When asked how she felt about meeting two other Superheroines, she told us:

‘It's wild. You meet people and you think you know their story because you've read their story, but you don't really know their story. There was a nice familiarity to the whole proceeding.'

After giving us her statement, she proceeded to fly off with a whoosh and was last spotted somewhere over the Getty Center.

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