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More Fun with the Interns

It is hot hot hot out here in So Cal. It's not just hot. It's humid too, and that just won't do. To make matters worse, the a/c in the Sunshine Jen office conked out, so that really upped the ante in terms of conflict and bitchiness.

Two of the Sunshine Jen interns, Sandra and Electra, are 18 weeks pregnant. Both apparently were impregnated during the New York trip for the happy robot party. Neither is saying how, when, where, or whom, so we don't know if it was during the robot party or not. Still, sperm was flying that weekend.

Sandra and Electra have become super tight friends and spend the majority of their day knitting little green things and talking about breathing techniques. They've also taken on a more matronly tone which staff writer, Summer Kandinsky, finds ‘annoying to no end' (her words).

Meanwhile, Kirk and Joel, our two male interns, have stepped in and taken on fatherly roles. They even volunteered to carry pencils for Sandra and Electra. They run out and fetch ice for the expectant mothers.

Not much real work has been accomplished during this recent heat wave. Mostly, staff and interns just sit around, play spider solitaire and drink fruity beverages.

We hope to catch up on our workload this weekend when it cools down. However, many on staff are hoping to drink beer instead. This might leave the majority of the work up to the interns who are more than capable of pulling their weight and the weight of their unborn babies.

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