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300th Post Celebration

To celebrate our three hundredth post on happyrobot, the Sunshine Jen writing staff (remember these guys?) decided to go all out and throw an office party with Kettle chips and a keg of Sam Adams.

Not much has changed for the writing staff since their panel discussion back in 2005 except that Joe Schmoe in research was let go because of his Leonard Bernstein debacle.

Recently, we received a letter from one of our fans:

Dear Sunshine Jen,

I am a big fan of your column. It brings a little bit of sunshine into my life as I cope with my drug and alcohol addictions and trying to keep my sixteen foster kids off the streets. God bless you, Sunshine Jen, and all the other happyrobots.


Darla Henley

Well, we in the Sunshine Jen writing staff were so moved by Darla’s story that we flew her out to Los Angeles and put her up in a Days Inn not far from the beach.

We gave her a tour of our office suite, showed her our plan for the next month of Sunshine Jen columns, and invited her to our office party where Darla did not partake of the keg but did drink all of our Fanta.

Finally, we let Darla take part in the writing of a Sunshine Jen column. At first, she was hesitant.

Oh no, I don’t have anything to write. Darla said.

However, with a little coaxing from Summer Kandinsky (who recently became a brunette, we don’t know why), Darla soon wrote the following paragraph:

I’m just a lady from Ohio, and I would like to thank the Sunshine Jen writing staff for bringing me out here. They are all really nice---unlike a certain daytime talk show host who never answered my letters. Dreams really do come true if you keep believing.

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