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what's the story morning glory (seeds that is)

So I was just watching the beginning of FOX 5 NEWS at 10 not that I am a regular FOX 5 NEWS watcher it was actually on right after 24. 24 - A show that if you are not watching it by now then you really are a loser because it fucking rocks! But that is not the reason for this post. OK just for the record FOX 5 NEWS is pretty cheesy and now they promise 20 minutes of un-interrupted news to get the viewers to not switch the channel pul-lease!. ANYWAY they fill up this 20 minutes with half assed stories that never have REAL news about them or cohesive beginnings/ends. The show is just a mess of people standing around and all like I got your news but wait I also know the guy on the corner and he wants to say something.

Tonight for example they had an undercover reporter try and buy some fertilizer from 8 stores in Long Island. Only it's some special fertilizer that if mixed correctly can be used as a bomb like they used in Oklahoma or WTC 1993. They reported that only 2 of the stores reported the potential buyer as a possible terrorist, 5 of them didn't report anything because the undercover reporter didn't look like a terrorist (I feel safe) and the last store wasn't going to report but one of their customers went out and called the cops. That was the end of the news piece no, this needs to be regulated, we talked to these government officials blah blah blah ... no, it ended with the customer went and called the cops crazy that! And oh by the way the 5 stores you can get that fertilizer with no hassle is out on Long Island. Good luck potential terrorist.

The reason I started writing this post though was the other news story which was about this investigation on teens in the suburbs getting high off of morning glory seeds. You heard me correctly they get HIGH from ingesting the seeds for the Morning glory plant. Apparently this is not a new thing. The reporter was a woman standing on the upper east side and she was like these kids don't know the potential harm they may be causing themselves. You don't know how much pesticides are on these seeds and you really don't know how much to ingest to get the effects of LSD. YES you can get the effects of LSD if you ingest them but we don't have an accurate amount to tell you right now we'll have to get back to you on that maybe in our last 5 minutes keep watching.

OH but the best part was the reporter saying something like "right now it only seems to be kids in the suburbs ingesting morning glory seeds. We don't have any reports here in the city of teens trying this. Back to you in the studio." I hope they have a follow up tomorrow asking teens on the street in NYC I can see it go like this:

Reporter: (standing outside a school question directed towards 3 students) "would you mind talking to me for a minute"

3 Teens: "sure", "ok", "yeah"

Reporter: "how old are all of you"

3 Teens: "15", "15", "16"

Reporter: "did you know that you can get high from ingesting the seeds to the morning glory plant. And that these seeds that can be purchased at any gardening story, even K-Mart."

3 Teens: "really?", "I just get high off of weed but when I run out I'll look into it thanks.", "Yeah I heard that last night somewhere and bought some this morning did you know that your face keeps changing colors?"

Way to go FOX 5 NEWS!

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