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can my day get any better?

Today I had my yearly review and I got a 2.93% raise which in itself is awesome *cough* but then I got home and got an email from Tenacious D. OK I admit it I am on the Tenacious D mailing list but it's only because I have made love for all things evil. Anyway you may not know this but KG and Lee from Tenacious D have a side band called Trainwreck. Well, it turns out that not only am I going to see the fabulous Reverend Horton Heat AND the evilicious Supersuckers but I am also going to see Trainwreck as they are all performing at the KICK ASS show I got tickets for in VEGAS BABY!

The best part about this KICK ASS show is A) its in VEGAS and B) the tickets only cost me $15 .... That is correct Bob! For the low low price of $15 I get to hear not one, not two, but three YES Bob, three KICK ASS bands guaranteed to rock my ass off .... Not like some other bands not to mention any names but you know who they are *cough*u2*cough* (nasty cold) who charge way too much money and don't deliver the goods. I'm only spreading the evil here people. I'm telling you this one last time - you should check out the Reverend and Supersuckers when they go to your town. (Ok I'll remind you again when I see them for like the 23rd time in May.)

Wait one minute. Let it set in .... now you can be jealous!

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