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» yesterday- I mention Terri Schiavo briefly here
» Job Update
» who I am and who are you?
» And lift your chin up, just a bit, and look over here, very nice
» Handsome Harry
» a gift
» We had a nice easter
» What I've Been Doing, Feeling, Eating, Reading, the School of the Americas
» What does and does not come back to bite one in the ass
» Thank you lawn fairy!
» greatgrandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, etc.
» my friend Kelly and slogging rehash of SELF

» music plus explanation
» my son, Haaris
» Dear Mrs. White
» catch up blog
» Last few weeks I've been doing school/public health nursing rotations.
» let me train you
» banana milkshakes are better than drugs
» Re: Lisa's Rockin' Roll Baby
» I want
» Lucky number 7

» Bill Clinton not questioning nor sketching my brother who was bit by a dog.
» Posted: No Freaking Zone
» Hope Your Valentine's Day Is A Big Hit!
» Kansas City '75
» new home, new lawn mower
» nursing school stuff- last clinical of the semester
» box-tops for education & other kid stuff
» We’ve been studying Maternity this semester
» 11/2/2003
» Halloween
» wow- what a terrible week

» Wanted: the exploitable
» I and J and tagalong K all on their way up the coconut tree.
» Carolina Beach '07
» Heather Graham is cute, and you all know it.
» sarah 2
» pony's questions
» someone told me just write something
» shark attack and others
» hey there monday
» a question

» Nap Time
» for Pat
» writing this so I can remember it later
» themes are the NEW Favorites
» What i like about my sister's new husband to be
» "Everywhere all over the word, people's eyes light up"
» I'm going to make it through this year if it kills me.
» kind o long story Poland Springs, ME
» the bunker
» imho what i think
» Fun with HIV

» The Word Is . . . .
» 5 who pee, have peed or may have peed in my backyard
» birthday, birthday, birthday part 1
» Things about Pony randomly arranged into 4
» You're violent. No one better mess with you. Watch out if they do.
» my father had a lawn fairy, too
» AAA and Chivalry
» I've ordered a Littman
» goodbye hair
» owie friday night
» Convenience Store story #1

» Politics, Fear, Feet NOT Sandwich
» That was the Wake County courthouse '93...keep in touch.
» first day of school