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» I Have No More Patience For Bullshit In Music
» president barack hussein obama
» Fuck Space
» religious intolerance
» that bluetooth headset makes you look like a douchebag
» Do Like Me. Sit Down To Pee.
» death cab for cutie guy, just shave your head already.
» Kurt Cobain's Lousy Journals
» the 40 very best records of 2009 based on some arbitrary criteria
» thanks a lot walt whitman.
» Treat The English Language Well. Everyday.
» the bible: a book review by herschel weiner

» Tyler Perry Presents 'Herschel Weiner's Top 20 Music Things of 2010'
» stop it with your holiday semantics shenanigans
» My Favorite Records of 2004
» Those Damned Simple Life Girls
» Best Music of 2003
» Child Rapist Burning Up The Charts
» Burn Hollywood Burn
» Top 10 Little-Known Working Titles of Popular Songs
» Open Letter To Roger Clemens
» on being perceived as being a condescending elitist when it comes to religion
» Quit It With The Women's Novels With The Shoes On The Cover!

» ten fascinating magazines that launched, and folded, in 2005
» Friendster, You Blew It
» 10 Places Where You Can Fart With Reckless Abandon
» the records i loved in 2007
» the greatest baseball names of all time
» bizarro world
» the fred and wilma flintstone museum
» i bought a cd on 9/11/01
» The 25 Records That Made 2008 Not Suck As Bad
» Quit Reading Maxim!
» Stop Whining About The Damn SUV's!

» The Forgotten Victims of Hurricane Katrina
» Fox, Yankees Look To Cash In On Reality Shows
» Alright All You Hipsters, Quit Hatin' On Baseball
» Five Years Ago...
» The Curse Is Dead
» president barack hussein obama
» i believe i am a vessel for alien communications
» The Springsteen / Dylan Face-Off Begins Today
» The Very Best Albums Released In 2011 (That I Heard, And Which Aligned With My Particular Musical Tastes)
» eleven new tv show ideas
» on turning 41

» the best 40 records i heard in 2006, and then some
» herschel's top ten theological questions
» the twenty or so records i liked the most this year
» Crazy Ruth Lilly's Gift To Poetry Magazine
» Oh Man, That Law & Order:SVU Dialogue Slays Me!
» Hershey's and Dior Have a Problem They Want To Sell You
» Surprising Things About Penis Enlargement
» Another Damn Best Music of 2002 List
» Shut Down The Catholic Church Now!
» baseball communion
» Reflection on the Morning of Nov. 3

» 10 prayers god always says yes to
» Dear happyrobot forum
» One Time I Totaled A US Postal Vehicle
» Herschel Weiner Is Now Twatting
» my top 3 time travel fantasies
» predictions for 2009
» Killer's Video Rental Records Show That He Liked To Watch Movies
» The R.I. Rock Club Tragedy
» Joe Millionaire, You Let Us Down
» Quit it With The Cross-Contaminatin' of Poop and Food
» I'm Still Waiting For Your Call !!!

» Religion, Healers, The Afterlife, and Other Shenanigans

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