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means "Los Angeles"

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» it's a beautiful gesture, and it includes certain tax benefits
» seven-OH! No!
» come back to me donnie
» wine club. on the road. portland 5th avenue suites-style, how ya doin'.
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» sven
» the only excuse is that you're dead from being eaten by a giant squid: my blog -- yes blog -- to "loser boy"
» be there or be square
» memories
» my personal statement, based on a little thing called integrity (and some women may add fearlessness)
» ode to mrs. robot on her birthday

» girlcrush
» unwritten
» on heroes
» i'm just not that kind of stripper
» midnight is where the day begins
» i want to be an underpants gnome
» what i want
» million dollar baby
» my bike
» everything is as it should be
» Th' expense of spirit in a waste of shame is lust in action

» Most of what you read here will be true
» david hasselhoff.... NO!!!!!!!!
» the altar of writing will always be demanding sacrifices
» Eat! F***! Burn!
» yes, jessica, there is a life beyond the snack box
» final cisneros thoughts before a trip to mexico
» keep a tight grip on your fantasies
» shake rattle and roll
» only one name is missing and that name is donnie
» my NYLA

» my nail salon chair massage guy apparently has no personal space issues
» More on Epiphanies
» don't you wish your girlfriend could cook like me
» today's letters to KJ
» get busy livin' or get busy dyin' - or both
» last night jill sobule told me to tell you this:
» the force of honesty
» fear and loathing in los angeles
» wake up
» it's hot in kansas and there is a lot of god
» ella es la flor que se aferra

» LA
» billy's first pig (pt. 2)
» seeing red
» mini soda
» why can't women have dicks?
» love/lust/sex/chocolate
» timing
» knee deep
» images of LA (and more CA)
» The Sad Ballad of TK-421 -- This One's For Sunshine Jen
» The Port or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love that Sweet Saxophone

» love you all
» 1:17 a.m.
» tomorrow i go home
» you had me at Tropic of Capricorn
» mr. bennigan
» sticking it to the man hubba bubba style
» RIP Scotty
» rilke's letter
» movietime
» calling all comedians
» rip away

» before you get all excited about this house, make sure the homeowner inspection verifies the spiritual portal to brazil
» make more terrible decisions, and then we'll talk
» tiny silver heart