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    by lisa may

    i love makeovers. i think the learning channel really has the market cornered with their show "a makeover story". they get two frumpy ass girls, give them a good haircut and make-up, stick them in some cool clothes and present them to their friends and family. everyone, including me, is bawling their eyes out because you can't believe how good peeps can really look.

    that being said, "extreme makeover" was just plain creepy. abc took three peeps to L.A. to be re-done, re-shaped and re-molded in six weeks. and i'm not talking the atkins diet, some stila shimmery lipgloss and herbal essence #21 rinse. one girl got a nose job, a boob job, liposuction, teeth whitened, and lasik eye surgery. the other girl got a nose job, a chin job, her cheeks reduced (the ones on her face) and her teeth done. the guy got a nose job (nose jobs for all!!), liposuction and teeth done.

    after all the work was done, they had a fashion consultant dress them, a salon do their hair and make-up and voila.

    seriously, i could see how all these folks might WANT a nose job. the guy had his nose broken 4 times and it looked a little wonky. both girls had funky double bridges going on with their honkers, but none of these peeps were hideous looking. the guy weighed 360 pounds at one point and just recently lost like 100 pound so he has some saggy skin he wanted to get rid of - that i could understand. but the girl that got EVERYTHING done? she was a regular looking gal, single mom that ended up not looking totally as terrific as one might thing after all that work. she went from a size 10 (hello - who get's liposuction when you're a size TEN?!) to a size 6, got bigger hooters and there you go. the other girl did end up looking good but that was mostly because she got a nice hair-do and some make-up.

    all in all, it didn't achieve the desired effect for me. i wasn't crying when they were unveiled to their friends and family. in fact, the first thing the single-mom's little girl did was grab her nose as if to say "what the hell happened?" all the girl that got the chin and nose job kept talking about was how her younger sister was always prettier than her and she couldn't wait to see the look on her face. sounds to me that she has some other issues she needs to work on.

    abc has NOTHING on their site about the extreme makeover so they must realize what a bomb it was so instead i've posted a link to the nytimes review of it.