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    by lisa may

    it's over! between the two-hour "friends" episode of dateline on wednesday night, the half hour re-run that i watched of the first episode at 7:30 and then the two hour finale. i've almost spent as much time watching friends this week as i have the entire ten years it was on. heh.

    my viewing was punctuated by my mother calling 3 minutes before the actual finale (during the montage episode. ha! i told you there would be a montage episode!) to tell me that they sold their house; julie calling me from a friends finale party in nashville during what she thought was a commerical break but she was watching it on tivo and it wasn't a commerical for me. i screamed when i answered the phone and hung up on her. then my friend lisa called during a real commercial to ask whether hospitals would actually let people walk out with hour-old babies. yep, you read that right: babies. monica and chandler's surrogate mother was carrying twins. they brought them home and promtly dropped them into a bassinet and not a peep was heard out of them the rest of the show. i love teevee babies - it's so easy!

    the ending was predictable. you could tell that on some details the writers were all like "eff this, we don't even care about the ramifications of someone trying to get off a plane after they've closed the door".

    so yes, the last 5 min of the show ross and rachel finally get together and instead of going to celebrate by picking up their 18 month old from rachel's mother's place, they go and have damn coffee with their friends. also, at some point between chandler and monica bringing home TWINS and packing up the apartment to move, they went out and bought a double stroller. jeez.

    so there you go. friends finale. after the show craig called (he was out of town) and we talked about it. then lisa called and we talked about it. then julie called - now a drunk at a friends finale party. i'm all talked out about friends.

    i wonder what NBC will feed us next?