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  • The Twilight Zone
    by lisa may

    this is more of a "t.v. doesn't suck if you happen to watch a good episode of the twilight zone".

    yes, i am actually going to tell you about a cool twilight zone. okay, here's the deal with the NEW twilight zone - it's hosted by forrest whitaker (who will forever be tainted in my mind after appearing in "the cying game"). i believe the show runs for an hour with two half-hour segments which doesn't really leave a lot of time for story development or for any real talent to shine BUT last night had jason alexander playing "death" which was excellent. he tried to kill himself because he's so depressed (and obviously, death can't kill himself because he's not alive) and when the doctor asks why he's depressed he says - totally dead-pan (no pun intended)-"well, it probably started in the 13th century with the black plaque and it's just been downhill since then".

    so it was all very funny and clever with "death" walking around as a short, balding, fat man in a blue hospital robe apologizing to bodies in the morgue. he decides to quit for a while and you see what happens if "death" quits - people suffer endlessly because even though they're not dying, they're not getting any better.

    so there you have it. i'm not suggesting you cancel your wednesday night plans for the next year to watch UPN, for god's sake, but if you're flippin' throught he channels with nothing to watch, why don't you just give the twilight zone a chance?