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  • The Simple Life
    by ericS

    I would like to say that I'm getting old and out of touch, but the fact is I think I am just reacting to my gut and my heart in saying that The Simple Life depresses the shit out of me on so many levels.

    First of all, the show doesn't 'work'. I think I can best sum it up by saying that in any good storyline, or in any reality or game show, there is usually something at stake. Whether it's surviving on an island for 30 days to win a million dollars, or having to pick a woman at the end of the show that you'd like to marry, etc. Even though these are bs in the grand scheme, there is still something at stake for these individuals, and you can invest some bit (however small) of yourself into the narrative. But the narrative of this show is: rich spoiled fucks live on farm and have no motivation to do anything because they know that whatever trouble they get into, they will be bailed out. Whatever predicament they get into makes good tv for them to laugh at with their friends and Sum 41 when they get back home. If they are fired from job after job it's ok because they will never have to work in the real world.

    I hate their total lack of respect for authority, and for other people's lives and jobs. People that care about their job at Sonic Burger because it's their job, their way of life and they have to support themselves and their families.

    And not to sound cynical, but from the looks of the malls and myspace and friendster, it seems thta these kinds of attitudes make up more of this new generations' mindset than we'd like to believe.

    But I'll probably still watch the next episode.