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  • Playing it Straight
    by lisa may

    Too pooped to party on Friday night, I scanned the boob-tube hoping to cash on on "American's Funniest Videos" or perhaps a really good "Dateline". What I got was "Playing it Straight" on Fox. Yet ANOTHER reality show trying to hook people up. Surprise, surprise.

    I didn't watch the whole hour-long episode. Just the last 20 minutes or so. Here's the scoop: Jackie is stuck on a ranch in Elko, NV. (A GORGEOUS ranch - so beautiful that I wish they showed more of the ranch and less of the people.) There's fourteen guys looking to win her love - or are they? The second night Jackie learns the patented Fox Twist - some of the guys are straight, some of them are gay. If she chooses a straight guy at the end of the series, they'll split a million dollars. If she chooses a gay guy, he gets the million all to himself.

    She already got rid of two guys on Friday. My gaydar was going haywire with the two guys she choose but low and behold -THEY WERE STRAIGHT. So her chances of choosing a straight guy are dwindling.

    Here's my analysis. For starters, girls in NYC and beyond have been playing this game for years! Hello?! Second, Jackie was truly upset when the host told her about "the twist" - now, c'mon, who would acutally go on a FOX produced reality show and not realize that something is going to be nutty? Finally, I can't say that I'll be glued to the tv every Friday night to find out what happens but I will admit that I plan to check the Web site every week to see who's gay and who's straight. Maybe my gaydar needs some recalibration.