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  • My Super Sweet Sixteen
    by jessica

    Not since last year's "Rich Kids," which followed the life of Tommy Hilfiger's daughter and schlubby pal, has there been such a steamy window to peek inside of the tragic world of spoiled hormonal teenagers.

    Each episode of "My Super Sweet Sixteen" follows a teen on the cusp of their 16th birthday as they plan their soiree. Rather, each broadcast has followed filthy rich teenagers fighting with their parents, lying to their parents, and being rather insolent all in the same common goal "being popular." Yes folks, along with that 2005 Range Rover, a rock band, a Dior gown, and strippers you can buy your kid popularity! Its pretty easy to do if you have the funds, just rent the swankest hall in town, let your kid invite every post-menstrual girl with implants and the Gotti brothers, a few bouncers and ensure that your child pouts and cries several times during the course of the evening. Voila--your kid is popular, on tv, and they love you!