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  • Rock Star
    CBS & MTV
    by jessica

    The second season of "Rock Star" brings you not only a cast of posers trying out to be, ahem, a "rock star." but a "rock star" in a band that includes the Dave Navarro, Jason Newsted, Tommy Lee, and Gilby Clarke. It is all around painful to watch. Is it the overly groomed posers sneering while trying to rock out to a Bon Jovi cover? Perhaps. More than likely the agony comes from are the folks that encompass Supernova. How the hell did members of four of my favorite bands: Metallica, Motley Crue, Guns 'n' Roses & Jane's Addiction turn into such cheeseballs? Maybe they were always lame, but at least they previously hid it well. Give these guys some Jack Daniels and an eight ball stat! The Voivod shirt Newsted was wearing last time I tuned in was totally voided out by the fact that not only was he on a reality show, but he claimed a woman's singing gave him the shakes.

    All I can figure out is that these dudes sold their soul for rock'n'roll. Now the Devil wants a refund and they are shit broke and are reduced to such pap.