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  • Queer Eye For The Straight Girl
    by michele

    Reality shows are a dime a dozen. But on that rare occasion a show really clicks with the public, execs do what execs do - reproduce the hell out of it! Thus was born Queer Eye For the Straight Girl.

    The primary difference between this show and its original counterpart is obvious; makeover subjects are female. However, there are a few other formulaic changes that should be noted. For example, "The Fab Five" has been reduced to a group of four "Gal Pals":

    Damon - "The Locale"
    Robbie - "The Look"
    Danny - "The Life"
    Honey - "The Lady" (aka "The Lesbian")

    What they lack in pizzaz and chemistry, they make up in uber-gayness, British sensibility, and ultra uber-gayness.

    You'll also notice: The addition of a few "Hunky Helpers," whose sole purpose is to be shirtless while moving furniture; more "friend" involvement b/c you know, sistas are doin' it for themselves; and, if it's possible, an even worse theme song. Lucky for us, it's not as catchy as "Oh, Things Just Keep Getting Better" or whatever the hell it's called.

    So in the debut episode, The "Gal Pals" set out to help an about-to-turn-30-year old girl named Nicole, who I'm convinced played the part of clueless to reap the benefits of the show.

    Sign #1: No one who has a perfect body like hers can possibly be so ignorant to her appearance. Baggy t-shirt, cutoff jeans & Uggs? Puh-lease.

    Sign #2: At the beginning of the episode, Nicole reveals she has a big crush on her "out of her league" friend, who later surprises her at her 30th birthday bash. He greets her by kissing her on the lips - not in the "You're my friend" way, but in the "Damn, you look so hot honey" way. Shady. I have a feeling this deception could continue throughout the season.

    Because roles aren't as defined as on QEFTSGUY, the show is a bit more choppy and rushed. All the guys are all over the place, and consequently, you really don't get to delve into their personalities. In QEFTSGUY, Carson is Carson because he's a fashion whore; Ted is Ted because he understands the importance of fine wine and food presentation, etc. Here, character definition is seriously missing. What the bejesus does "The Life" mean anyway?

    The show also tries too hard to keep the amusing banter going, especially with the new addition of a chick in the cast. In the debut episode, the camera actually shows Nicole showering...and showering some more...while Honey comments on how hot she looks. That's just creepy and weird. Maybe it's just because I'm a girl.

    Bottom line: If you REALLY love QEFTSGUY, you will certainly like Queer Eye For the Straight Girl. If QEFTSGUY has worn it's welcome (and for this gal it has), you're better off watching another rerun of Law & Order on TNT.