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    by victoria

    This is supposed to be the most promising new show for the season. Because of all the hype, I found it to be a must-see TV show--only I was a little bit weirded out by the episode I saw a week ago. "Lost"--and remember, I'm writing this review without the benefit of expertise or extensive knowledge about the program--is about a group of disparate airplane passengers who crash on a tropical island and decide to re-enact "Lord of the Flies" mixed with "Clue" mixed with "Random shit's happening!"

    There's a ne'er-do-well blond, chiseled guy whom everybody hates because he's a lying sneak; an Asian couple where the husband is always kind've fighting with the wife; a cranky obese guy: an attractive brunette: an angry near-Eastern man; an even angrier doctor, and one of the actors (Dominic Monaghan) who played a Hobbit in LOTR plays a rock star. And these are only SOME of the characters!

    The plot for the episode I saw: everybody's angry at the spoiled blond chiseled guy. They think he's sitting on a pile of loot from the crashed plane, and I think they're running low on food, so tempers are starting to flare. The Asian guy yells at his wife to wear modest clothes despite the tropical heat. Dominic Monaghan starts to have bizarre flashbacks about disagreeing with his brother about their rock band before the plane crash. And since some woman's dying of an asthma attack, everybody on the island assumes that spoiled blond chiseled guy is hiding an inhaler amongst his stuff, so they drag him out into the woods to torture and interrogate him. Angry near-Eastern man sticks sharpened bamboo bits under the tortured guy's fingernails--eep! then Torture chiseled blond guy has a romantic interlude with the attractive brunette, but apparently he doesn't have the inhaler at all, so that ends quickly.

    Lots of drama, very confusing, the scenery is lovely, but the main thing about "LOST" is i like to think that it provides work for a lot of these actors and the obese guy isn't going to be on the OC.
    So I'm going to try to give LOST another chance tonight!