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  • Cheaters
    by rich

    We stumbled across this late the other night during commercials on SNL. Cheaters is a show that helps people find out and bust their significant other if they are being cheated on.
    And it is totally disturbing. Actually, I am not sure which is more disturbing – the show or the fact that I almost got completely sucked into it.

    Cheaters starts out with the “contestant” (?) who spends a few minutes giving the viewer the lowdown on their life and their significant other and why they might think they are being cheated on. The glimpses into some of these people’s lives are pretty pathetic. The show we saw had this young girl who was mad at her boyfriend for various things, but mainly for the fact that she “gave” him two years of her life and he owes her.
    Or something.
    Lot’s of self-esteem problems with these folks.

    Then the show moves into high gear with footage of their detectives following the ‘target’ around and investigating their behavior and looking for hanky and/or panky. This part was fairly interesting to watch, but I kept thinking that their detective was always following way too close in the car. I don’t know, maybe I am paranoid.

    In the show we saw, they capture footage of the target (husband) fooling around with the wife’s sister. Yow. The host of the show, Tommy Grand, meets up with the, “contestant” and shows her the footage and then they all go out and bust the cheater in the act.
    Last night’s “cheater” was busted boffing the sister in the front seat of his car.

    You figure this is enough drama already, but in between the next couple of minutes of screaming, cursing, and slapping the idiot host is off to the side with questions of his own…
    “Why did you cheat with her sister? Do you not respect your wife?”
    The host makes my stomach hurt. On one hand, he is asking the questions that viewers are probably yelling at the TV screen.
    On the other hand, he is just some outsider with intimate knowledge of these people’s lives and he is blabbing with these questions to inflame the situation (and in turn make it more dramatic for the viewer).

    I couldn’t watch much more of it, so I am not sure how it ends. Although this current episode had something to do with cops showing up.