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  • The Hole
    by mina

    I begin with the casting call notice on "[O]ne of the most ... challenging game shows ever seen on Television. This show does not require trivia knowledge only your creativity in fitting your body through a hole in a wall!" Really? Like, what kind of hole? The part of my resume under "Creativity" that details fitting my body through holes in walls also details my love of tequila, strangers, and romantic lighting. But here, you can win money for it and not go to jail! AWESOME!

    This show is beyond perfect. First, it's right after "Fringe," which is an X-files kinda show, so it's good to get back to reality with a capital R and pure american stupidness. Basically, 3 people in very futuristic – and dare I say, tight – silver jumpsuits just stand there while a big wall comes at them with people cutouts and they have to put their body in that shape or the wall hits them and they fall backwards into a pool! AWESOME! And there's this announcer guy who's above the crowd and he has a really cool big booming voice and every time the wall comes at the silver jumpsuit people he says, "IT'S TIME TO FACE THE HOLE!" Do you know how many times I've heard that myself haha? Well, I'll tell you: a lot. But it never gets old!

    The best part is the challenge round. 1 of the 3 people puts on blinders and a helmet (he's very brave) and tries to do it (his teammates are supposed to tell him which way to turn etc.). But last night the guy's teammates just said "uhhhhhh" when they saw the wall coming and the guy got SMACKED!

    I know you think I'm not serious when I tell you I really like this show. But let me tell you this: I work hard and when I come home, I don't want to do shit so 2 thumbs up – the hole!