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  • The Graham Norton Effect
    by Eve

    I was really looking forward to the premiere of this show. I have heard great things about Graham Norton’s british comedy series (So Grahm Norton) from friends and did a little looking around on the net for info and clips. The clips I saw were great. He was treating his guests well but not with too much ass kissing. There were strange internet websites and odd toys. There was no hyper-active audience; just the brits with their polite laughter. It looked promising. But those were just clips.
    Comedy Central spent a lot of time hyping this show…there were promos on at nearly every commercial break. Graham made appearances on The Daily Show and the show right after with that loud New York Guy, Collin Something. Those appearances were mildly disappointing and I was starting to wonder what Comedy Central had going on with this.
    Guests were Sandra Bernhard and Marlon Wayans (plugging his new movie “White Girls” with a straight face). There was a match-the-couple segment that ended with a kissing 3-way (sort of). There was a weird part when Graham and Sandra called a toothbrushing-fetish-internet guy and tried to transmit the sound of all the audience members brushing their teeth.The 'best' part of the show was the lifelike doll that they dressed up (unfortunately with a dress from an audience member) and placed at a bar to see if anyone would try to pick her up. Of course the gullibility of guys was the butt of that joke.
    Would I recommend this show? No. Will I watch it again? Probably. I give it two more weeks, max in my attention span. God Save the Queen.