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  • Friends: The final 2
    by lisa may

    Good lord. You would think that after watching a show for 8 years (it's been on for 10 but the first two years it was on I was in my first two years of college and was waaaaaay too wasted to watch tv) I would be sad and sniffly about it being over. That's not the case. I wish they would just hurry up and end it already. I am so tired of these filler shows. For 6 weeks they were showing the "top 6 episodes"; episodes that you can turn on channel 22 at either 7 or 11 and see 12 times a week in syndication. Now, finally, next Thursday will be the finale. Jesus h, thank god.

    At any rate, last night's show ended with Ross and Rachel kissing. OF COURSE, it ended with them kissing. What did I expect? Rachel is on her way to a new job in Paris. Let remember that not only has this been DONE already on the Sex and the City finale, Rachel was a freakin' waitress only a few years ago. Now she's like senior buyer for Louis Vuitton in Paris and they've even offered to fly her and Ross back and forth every month so they can each see the baby (the non-exisitant baby) - who do they think she is, Elton John?

    I believe the finale is going to be two hours. It will probably be 3 minutes of Ross and Rachel kissing before she gets on the plane for Paris (hello? 9/11? Ross isn't allowed anywhere NEAR the departing gate!) and 117 minutes of old-episode montages. I hate the old-episode montages!!

    NBC is milking it for all it's worth. The Web site has a timeline, and Friends Finale party tips and all that crap. I read somewhere that for five days after the show you can purchase a special Finale DVD with the final episode on it - for five days only! Reserve your copy now!

    Next week: I'll review the Friends Finale so you can go do more productive things like clip your toenails or clean out the gutters (not THOSE gutters. Well, okay, if they need cleaning, by all means) and not have to waste two precious Thursday night hours.