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  • America's Prince: The JFK Jr. Story
    by rachel

    “America’s Prince” is a docu-drama that dishes out the already over-told life story of John F. Kennedy Jr.

    There were many bad things about this movie but it was hard to focus on them because I was unable to see around the clown afro that was perched on the head of the actor playing JFK Jr. Every time he appeared on camera I was stretching and turning and trying my darndest to get a glimpse of anything else on the screen besides his helmet head hair-do.
    I swear I saw a family of pigeons trying to pull it off his head in one of those famous dog-walking scenes we always saw photos of in the “Post”. I doubt synthetics make good nesting material though. Especially those covered with a can of Vidal Sassoon hair spray. Thank goodness our American Prince didn’t smoke - the poor actor playing him would have been a walking fire hazard.