3:10 to yuma
director: james mangold
This loud, gun-toting, tough guy action western (a remake of the 1957 film) is chuck-full of guy-guys who get dirty, bloody, and mangled (Peter Fonda is the baddest of them all), and it's fun to watch at times. Maybe I'm a girlie girl, but I saw the film as a love story between the charasmastic gun-toting outlaw (played with relaxed glee by Russell Crowe) and the one-legged good rancher (played by the subtle and great Christian Bale) who must get him to the prison train on time. Third sentence about a trivial observation: When Crowe's character first appears in the film, he watches a little bird fly away–-this is very similar to the beginning of Gladiator when the Gladiator watches the little bird fly away with a wistful look before unleasing heck–-fly away little Russell bird, fly, fly away.
reviewed by: jen |  August 2007 [link] |  recommend 1 thumbs up

director: zack snyder
Even though this movie has a ton of violence it still is all about 300+ ripped half naked men running around. That is over 300 men wearing nothing more than little leather underwear and big red capes, HOTT! (ps it's worth seeing in IMAX ladies OH YEAH!)
reviewed by: kelly |  May 2007 [link] |  recommend

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