napolean dynamite
director: jared hess
Welcome to the Dollhouse with a dash of Footloose, Jon Heder is painfully hilarious as the ultimate high school geek. Deadpan acting and food fights are elevated to new heights in this must-see indie which will take you back in a time machine to your own high school in Idaho.
reviewed by: raquel |  August 2004 [link] |  recommend 8 thumbs up

national security
director: dennis dugan
Are you like me (in that you are sometimes in the mood for a dopey, underwritten comedy starring a performer who is talented enough to be amusing without the benefit of script that is in itself funny, or smart, or inventive, or plausible, or seemingly written by someone older than 13)? If so, you will enjoy watching Martin Lawrence and his mustachioed cracker sidekick Steve Zahn bring the dumb yuks in this movie (and the converse is also true).
reviewed by: matthewS |  January 2003 [link] |  recommend

new waterford girl
director: allan moyle
Despite moments of gratuitous quirkiness which don't mesh entirely well with the rest of the film this is a well-made and well-acted coming of age story. A perfect film for those of us who have a love-hate relationship with where we are from.
reviewed by: JohnLawton |  October 2000 [link] |  recommend

nick & norah's infinite playlist
director: peter sollett
Basically, this movie is a documentary of any given Friday night in my life, but with much less angst. That aside, it's sweet and has its charms, you even get a glimpse of a Merge Records sticker in the opening scene, but with names like Nick & Norah, I was hoping for a little more tension, and I'm now going to add Valley Girl to my Netflix list to re-watch my better teenage version of this flick.
reviewed by: john ball |  December 2008 [link] |  recommend

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