director: bryan singer
Probably the first comic book movie since the first two Superman movies to actually get it right, I thoroughly enjoyed this film from beginning to end. It takes the time to actually develop some of the characters and Ian McKellen is an amazing villain and there's just enough action and cool visuals to keep you wanting more.
reviewed by: JohnLawton |  August 2000 [link] |  recommend

x-men: first class
director: matthew vaughn
Welcome Aboard X-Men Flight Number Five. Passengers in our first class cabin will be watching a groovy sixties mutation with crazy pattern wallpaper, miniskirts, and just the right dash of erotic subtext between the two leads to inspire bored suburban housewives to write smutty stories for years.
reviewed by: jen |  July 2011 [link] |  recommend 1 thumbs up

director: bryan singer
Suspend your disbelief and hold onto your jockstraps boys and girls; this movie is as good as your Marvel Comic Book fantasies ever imagined it could be. After the show, my only nagging questions were, 1) when will X Cubed make its debut, and 2) why the heck didn't Fridgidaire boy save Prof. Jean Grey with his iceboy powers?
reviewed by: nate |  May 2003 [link] |  recommend 4 thumbs up

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