far from heaven
director: todd haynes
About one and one-half hours too long, this suck-fest of a movie drags you along without the presence of a plot, leaving a bunch of 50s stereotyped characters the job of entertaining and perhaps enlightening you, including the yummy Julianne Moore and the consistently disappointing Dennis Quaid. Instead of seeing this movie, fill a bowl with gas, hold your head over the bowl of gas with a towel over your head, breathe deeply and then proceed to clean the cat box, enjoying the mysterious giggles until the headaches come.
reviewed by: tim |  November 2002 [link] |  recommend

fat girl
director: catherine breillat
Fat Girl is an interesting raw movie about two young sisters discovering their sexuality, BUT DO NOT MISTAKE THIS FOR A FEEL GOOD/TITILATING/COMING OF AGE TYPE OF MOVIE. Catherine Breillat tells us just how much she hates men throughout the movie, and then whams you in the face with her agenda one more time with a horrific disturbing ending. It's worth one more sentence to say that relationship between the two sisters is beautifully portrayed and Anais Reboux is remarkable as the jaded beyond her years little Fat Girl.
reviewed by: JohnLawton |  October 2001 [link] |  recommend

felicia's journey
director: atom egoyan
Two people are brought together by chance and isolation; one is a young woman searching for the
man who impregnated her and the other happens to be a serial killer. This film moves slowly and works its way under your skin without
falling prey to the conventions of the serial killer genre.
reviewed by: JohnLawton |  July 2000 [link] |  recommend

fight club
director: david fincher
We're all a bunch of wusses, so blame support groups, IKEA, and your soul-sucking job. One of the darker black comedies to come out of Hollywood in years, chock full of beautifully brutal and near subliminal imagery, a film you won't soon forget.
reviewed by: JohnLawton |  July 2000 [link] |  recommend

director: amir bar-lev
Very engaging documentary about two Holocaust survivors: one a war hero and the other a writer who is a concentration camp survivor. As the writer follows his friend on a trip through the various sites of past horrors we watch their strained relationship fall apart, this another one of those films that could have gone on for another hour as far as I'm concerned.
reviewed by: JohnLawton |  August 2001 [link] |  recommend

finding nemo
director: disney
I have a lot against the Disney machine, but nothing against the animators that create hilarious characters as in Toy Story with all-too-human vanities and a dark, witty subtext that is great for adults, too. Finding Nemo, the story of a Dad clownfish who crosses the ocean in search of his son was neither dark nor witty and kind of lame for grownups, but would be great if you brought a kid cuz it is still sweet and funny (I smoked pot before i went and it did not make it more enjoyable - do not take drugs if you are the sole person in charge of a child).
reviewed by: adina |  June 2003 [link] |  recommend

director: gregory hoblit
While it doesn't always do it's arithmetic (the ending might snap your already suffering willed suspension
of disbelief) this is still a highly entertaining bit of trifle. This is the type of movie that a computer program can generate, sampling from
popular movies of the past to whip up a high concept "weepy" that the crowds can enjoy….and I did enjoy it (oh yeah, Randy
Quaid's brother is really good in it too).
reviewed by: JohnLawton |  July 2000 [link] |  recommend

director: julie taymor
Freida has a few fascinating and inspired typically Taymoresque visual moments incorporating Mexican imagery and Kahlo's paintings into an seemingly interesting tale of sex, pain and jealousy that isn't really taken full advantage of by the screenwriter. Evan F. says, "that Frida Kahlo, she had great tits."
reviewed by: raquel |  December 2002 [link] |  recommend 2 thumbs up

from hell
director: albert & allen hughes
A lot of the right elements are there but this still falls a bit flat under the pressure of trying too hard. Visually beautiful but empty at it's core, not so much eye candy as it is eye steak; and I thought that any movie featuring Johnny Depp smoking opium and a cameo by the Elephant Man could do no wrong.
reviewed by: JohnLawton |  October 2001 [link] |  recommend

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